Our Victor

Our Victor speaking to the crowd

The myth of England's greatest mob-orator

Written & performed by Richard Povall
Music & lyrics by Richard Povall
Directed by Mike Lucas
Musical direction by Rebekah Hughes

2003 Tour Details

a whirlwind of a one man showHuddersfield Examiner

A fiery Socialist, without any principles and given to mere phrasesLenin

Victor Grayson shot across the political scene like a fiery comet . In 1907, at 25 years of age, with striking good looks and a gift for inspirational oratory, he was elected to the Commons as the first and only independent Socialist MP, representing the West Riding constituency of the Colne Valley. Feared as the harbinger of a violent political revolution, “Our Victor” became a national sensation overnight.



The Red Flag Waves Over Colne Valley Today. The fever of Socialism has infected thousands of workers, who judging from their merriment this evening seem to think that Mr Grayson's return means the millennium for them
Daily Express 20th July 1907

His huge promise and brief, controversial Parliamentary career dissolved into defeat and disillusion, alcoholism and nervous illness. In 1920, he left his Piccadilly flat with two men never to return, becoming a tragic mythical figure in the Labour movement and a name whispered with reverence in his constituency: the beautiful idealist who never grew old. The mystery of his strange disappearance has never been solved.

Grayson's extraordinary story is told through words, music and song. This show tries to find the end of one man's idealism and put the personality back into politics.

a whirlwind of a one man show which puts the life ? and myth ? of Victor Grayson under the microscope?Richard brings great passion and energy to this examination of a local legend that lives on.?Huddersfield Daily Examiner

It was a fabulous performance, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.Trustees of the Working Class Movement Library, Manchester

?A performance of sheer brilliance?Our Victor is compelling entertainment, an inspired, brave production?riveting?? Shelley Village Magazine

Mikron Theatre Company

Mikron's plays are fast moving and funny … prepare to be amazed, amused and very impressed Bucks Herald

Mikron offers pure theatre that should be enjoyed by everyone Oxford Mail

Formed 31 years ago, Mikron tours nationally from June to August on the 66-year-old narrowboat, Tyseley, and in the autumn by road to venues in Yorkshire and Lancashire. We aim to attract those people who are not normally theatre-goers or who live at some distance from theatre centres, performing in informal spaces including pubs, museums and community centres. We are the little theatre company with a reputation for tackling large scale subjects and turning history into vivid and dramatic entertainment.

Our Victor is Mikron's third tour of a one-man play following Rod Matthew's treatment of the Jacobite Rebellion in Another 45 and The Lyon Still Mourns. This small-scale production is in addition to the Company's main programme.

If you wish to know about our future tours, please send a medium sized s.a.e. and we will send you the information when available, or watch our website

If you wish to join Friends of Mikron or to receive information about our 2003 Tours and future event please send a medium-sized s.a.e. to the above address and state which leaflet(s) you require.

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